Bitcoin is here to stay. Yes, that is the bitter truth. Everyone said it will crush since 2010 and now, as I type this, it is doing well of course with normal price flactuation which are normal in any stored value.

This fact necessitates the need to start accepting Bitcoins on your website.

In this tutorial, I will dive into the details on how to can easily start accepting bitcoins on your PHP website.

Integrating your PHP website requires a few steps to get started.

We have done most of the technical work for you and can still help you more if you need.

Step 1: Get a account.

Step 2. Request for an App key on Block chain. This takes 2 to 3 days to be approved.

Step 3. Download and install the PayMents processor core script. This will help record all transactions in one platform and help you track and add more Payments methods onto your PHP website with at ago with one implementation.

Below is the link to the PayMents processor core script needed to be ready for the integration.

Payment processor core script Version 2.1.0

Step 4. Download the PayMents Bitcoins Deposit plugin and install it in the admin end of your PayMents script.

Step 5. Now, go to the admin end click "Payment methods" and "add new method" and enter the words "BITCOIN" in same letter case as this excluding the quotes and save your work.

At this point, your Payment gateway users can deposit money to their accounts using Bitcoins.

Step 6. Open your PHP website at the point where Payments methods are selected/clicked/chosen add PayMents PHP Checkout integration and complete your business logic. You will notice that this step is upto to you because every website has its business logic. If you are not a PHP developer, you can hire a PHP developer to do this part for you or you can also hire us to do this part for you.

Step 7: Make the necessary configurations in your Payments Business account and there you are setup. You can now see the PayMents checkout buttons accepting all the payment methods you activated on your Payment Gateway admin. This includes bitcoins as a payment method.

So, when buyers click on the PayMents checkout button, they will be have a way to choose their preferred payment/deposit method if they have no enough funds in their Payments account which they will then proceed and make payment. When payments are successful, the users will be redirected to your products or services page and an amount deducted from their Payments accounts.


It is simple as that on how to Integrate Bitcoins on your PHP website and start accepting Bitcoins.