You can easily start a bitcoin Payment Gateway within minutes using our Crypto PHP bitcoin payment processor. Our secure Bitcoin PHP script is developed with crypto and block chain technology in mind but with simplicity in mind to make it easy for everyone to setup and run a profitable payment gateway within a very short while.

Requirements to run this Bitcoin PHP script.

1. Apache server.

2. PHP 5.6+ (Upwards).

3. Mysql

Download right now by adding to cart the below script.

$250.00 each Payment processor core script Version 2.1.0

Features of this Bitcoin PHP script.

Users end of this Bitcoin Payment processor has the following features:

  1. Users can signup.
  2. Users can login.
  3. User can deposit funds into their wallet and pay with Bitcoin.
  4. Users can also deposit using Bank, Bitcoin, Mpesa mobile money, Paypal.
  5. Users can withdraw to Bank, Bitcoin, Mpesa mobile money and Bank.
  6. Users can send money to others users within the Payment processor.
  7. Users can request payments from other users.
  8. The default currency
  9. API to help integrate with third party websites, mobile apps and other software to facilitate payments.

Admin end of this cryto based PHP script will offer the following features:

 1. Admin can login in a secure admin area.

2. Admin makes settings for all payment gateways and fees.

3. Admin makes settings on exchange rates depending on the payment gateways accepted.

$250.00 each Payment processor core script Version 2.1.0