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Woocommerce Mpesa C2B Plugin (Wordpress)

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This is  C2B Mpesa plugin for the popular wordpress ecommerce platform known as woocommerce. It is a plug and play plugin that will help you start accepting Mpesa payments on your woocommerce website and process orders automatically.

How to download this woocommerce Mpesa payment Gateway:

  1. Add to cart the Mpesa woocommerce plugin below.
  2. The above step will take you to a checkout page of this nulled version of the plugin.
  3. Enter the details to register or login.
  4. Activate your account via a link sent to your email.
  5. Login and select Lipa na Mpesa as your Payment method.
  6. Click Finish to make payment.
  7. A popup will be send to your Mpesa phone you entered as your billing telephone with the details of your order, amount to pay.
  8. Enter the Mpesa PIN and Click OK.
  9. When the payment goes through. Refresh your "My orders" page and see your order automatically confirmed.
  10. Click the product name of the woocommerce mpesa plugin.
  11. Click the file name and it will automatically download the plugin.
  12. Save the resultant Zipped file in your desktop.
  13. That is all. You have the Mpesa woocommerce payment gateway plugin.

Note: This woocommerce Mpesa plugin works for both Paybill and Till numbers and shows Popup or STK push when client checks out.

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2019-05-30 13:57
This works like charme. Thanks for this Mpesa C2B Mpesa plugin
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2019-05-30 13:58
Works perfect. But I have a question, will it work with Mpesa Till Number? I am using it now with my Paybill.
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2019-06-14 11:22
I like this Mpesa C2B Mpesa payment plugin for wordpress. Very simple and solves what it stated.
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1 of 1 find it helpful
2019-06-14 11:22
I like this Mpesa C2B Mpesa payment plugin for wordpress. Very simple and solves what it stated.

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