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Sample Payment plugin for your Payment gateway busisness developers or owners

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3 months 2 weeks ago #379 by Sir Brian M. W

Think of any checkout as a form.
Think of any payment as a form.
Think of any cart as a form.
<form action="" method="POST">


Above is an HTML form.

Of major emphasis are the method and action.

action should be yourdomainname/webscr

Example is:
<form action ="">

Ensure that is the domain name that is running your Payment Gateway.

method should be POST.

Example is:
<form action ="" method="POST">


By doing the above, you are actually done.


You need to supply some Payment required details.

These are:
<input type ="text" name ="itemName" placeholder ="Enter the Item to buy"><br>

<input type= "text" name ="amt" value ="40" readonly> <br>

<input type ="submit" name ="_xclick" value ="Buy now">

<input type ="hidden" name ="businessEmail" value ="">
<input type ="hidden" name ="currency" value ="USD">
<input type ="hidden" name ="notify_url" value ="">
<input type ="hidden" name ="cancel_url" value ="">
<input type ="hidden" name ="success_url" value ="">

Note: The names part of the input fields are very important as stated above. They are being waited by the API to process the client requests.

That is all.

Think of any ecommerce website or any website business payment logic and the above will solve.

Do you have any question on this part? Post as a reply below and I will answer immediately.

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