How to create your own payment platform like PayPal has been over-discussed on all forums across the internet. However, my article is not about discussing How to create your own payment platform like PayPal but rather how to do it practically from scratch and without much technical knowledge.

The payment gateway I am guiding you to create is built on PHP and Mysql and it works perfectly and is very fast with no down times.


I know you can create Payment gateways in other languages like Java, Python, Javascript  and on other databases. However, this is a pure PHP and Mysql payment gateway.

Uses  of this Payment gateway:

You can successfully use this payment gateway to:

a). Charge transaction fees when your users send and receive funds via your created Payment gateway.

b). Use it to integrate payment solutions on your website of App.


1. Shared hosting with Apache, PHP, Mysql (For start). You may need to upgrade to VPS or Dedicated servers when your business grows.

2. Domain name. It runs on a domain name and you can get it for around usd. 10 if you do not have. Register a good domain name that attracts people looking for a payment gateway solution.

Step by step process on how to develop and create your own Payment Gateway like paypal.

First of all: Paypal has taken the developers and owners long time and effort to create Paypal. Therefore, you may not create an exact paypal due to copyright reasons. However, for the features, you can emulate Paypal features slowly by slowly and one day land where they are or over-take with the required zeal, passion and effort/investment.


Step 1: You need the PaymentsTM Payment processor core. This is downloaded from below: Just add to cart and proceed to Checkout to download it.


$250.00 each Payment processor core script Version 2.1.0

This is the initial software that you need. Once you download, save it on a save place in your drive to be ready to proceed to step 2 below.


Step 2.Login in the cpanel of your hosting account. I am actually assuming you are using Cpanel in this article. This is the most common method of managing servers or hosting account.

Installing Payment gateway like Paypal in Cpanel


Step 3. Go straight to the "file manager" of the cpanel and navigate to the public_html folder. We will work inside this folder. You may also navigate to the a sub-folder or sub-directory of your name inside this folder.

File manager: Installing Paypal clone script in cpanel

Installing the Payment processor script in the public_html folder of your cpanel


Step 4. Click "Upload" and browse the zipped file of your Payments processor core your donwloaded in step 1 above. It will start uploading immediately. Wait for the upload to complete.

Upload the Payment processor script like Paypal in your cpanel



Step 5. Now. unzip or decompress your zipped file inside your main directory. In my case, it is public_html.


Step 6. Now, open your domain name from the browser.


Step 7. It will open an installation page. Pause at that.

 Install a Paypal clone script

Step 8. Inside the Cpanel home, locate the Database wizard and create a database name, database user and a password. Ensure to give all previleges you find in there to this db user. Note these details down for use in step 9 below.


Step 9. Go back to the domain name opened on your preferred browse.

Click the start Button.

It will first check all system requirements to ensure they are the ones we need for this script. If one condition is not met, please ensure that you setup your hosting server to meet those requirements. Otherwise, the script will not work.

Requirements to install a Payment processor script

If all are passed, the PayMents Processor Installation Wizard will allow you click "Continue" button.

This step now asks for the database name, database user and a password. Feed them as indicated above and submit. They are the ones you created in step 8 above.

Payment Processor script like Paypal

Step 10. Go back the public_html and rename or delete the install folder.

I prefer renaming it first to ensure I can reinstall in case I forgot something before or something goes way beyond my hands or brain can recover.

Anyway, you can still start all over from above steps when something goes wrong. Of course by first deleting any previous files and dropping the database in case it was already created.

TO be safe, just begin from scratch with everything new in case sometning goes out of hand during the installation process.

Step 11. Your Payment gateway is now running well. Access it on your main domain name.

Step 12. Access the admin on maindomainname and login with the admin email and password provided On the Admin details page.

Note: You can edit these details once logged in the first time.

Note: At this point, you have a Payment gateway like Paypal in PHP running smoothly and ready for configuration.

You may also add the Addons on this page (Payment gateway downloads) to make it have more features as per your need.

At this moment, your payment gateway users can:

a) Send money to other users.

b). Receive payments from other users.

c). Deposit money via Bank transfer.

d). Withdraw money via Bank transfer.

Admin can also perform settings that help the above features to function well.