Integrating Mpesa C2B API, B2C, Mpesa Express with your WooCommerce is very easy. With the assistance of our Woocommerce payment gateway plugin, you can simply install, do a small set up and activate and the rest is taken care of. You will be now very ready to receive Mpesa payments for your goods and services displayed on your woocommerce (WC) powered wordpress website.

Introduction to woocommerce Mpesa API plugin.

What is Mpesa?

Mpesa is a mobile payment gateway from safaricom, a Vodafone company based in Kenya. We have other Mpesa products in Tanzania, Congo, Mozambique etc and all work almost the same with integration working almost the same but on different API websites and support centers.

What is Woocommerce?

This is a wordpress plugin which is very popular for creating online shops extending the core wordpress CMS (content management system).

What is Mpesa API?

Mpesa has developed a bridge of code which helps external deelopers and applications communicate with its internal code hosted on their servers. This bridge is what is known as Mpesa API (Application Programming Interface) and Mpesa company calls it Daraja (swahili for bridge).

What is  woocommerce Mpesa API plugin?

From the above definitions, it is clear that woocommerce Mpesa API plugin is a plugin developed to bridge between Mpesa and woocommerce to help customers pay on woocommerce online shops using Mpesa.