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1. Start a Payment processing gateway.

2. Integrate Mpesa with any website or Mobile App.

3. Add any form of Payment gateway to your website or Mobile App.

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Get an Mpesa API Integration Assistant that makes your work very easy. What you need is the information we will tell you on each Mpesa API Integration Assistant and fill it in the way we will tell you, execute and you are done.

1. Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant.

This Mpesa API Integration Assistant will help you integrate Mpesa C2B API in a few clicks. Just follow the steps we give you in the below guide.

Read more on How to use the Mpesa C2B API Integration Assistant


 2. Mpesa Express (Lipa na Mpesa Online) API Integration Assistant.

Do you want that smart popup that your clients will receive on their phone with your company names, amount to pay, and for what reason with a PIN box to just fill and fuaaaah, the transaction completes and your business logic continues? If so, then this is what is known as Mpesa Express.

Mpesa Express (Lipa na Mpesa Online) API Integration Assistant will help you integrate your website or App within minutes and through a few clicks.

Mpesa STK push example