Payment gateway software development is not an easy task when you want to begin from scratch. But with Payment software development experts, you can be guided on the possible ways to start and run a payment processing gateway within a shorter period than you can imagine.

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Before you even start thinking too deep about these enormous Payment processing solutions out there that everybody is aware of, I want to tell you that you can start Payment gateways in three major forms:

Note: Each of these three forms of Payment gateways are developed starting with the same logic, but as the features advance, they change forms and operate differently, with different requirements and legal processes.



The three major forms of Payment gateway software that can be developed for you depending on your Payment processing needs.

1. A digital wallet: This is any mobile or App, or website that helps users send and receive digital money. By digital, I mean "digits" are stored in a disk/database and they represent money and that is all. They way to add these digits to the database for user is what differs from the next forms of Payment gateways. Here, the digital wallet owner can choose to manually enter these digits via an admin interface/portal in exchange of hard cash over the counter.

Note: What makes the digital money in a digital wallet real money is the trust you build on the digits as the payment gateway owner or proprietor. And that is sad fact of any form of Payment processor or website.

This fact reminds me of when I used to work as a software developer with freelancer, then I withdrew my earnings (present in that freelance website) and they deducted an hefty fee and told me to wait for like 2 to 3 business days to receive the funds in my bank account then the actual days taken went up to to 14 days.

I mean, who wants to trust digital money which is not convenient? No body I bet.

Most websites across the internet have some form of digital money in them which you withdraw and the owners send you real money. Whether it is money or not is a function of whether the digits in there are widely accepted as money or not.

Once more, this has reminded me of someone I needed to pay for some goods online and I asked him whether he could accept I make payment using Paypal. He asked me "What is Paypal"? He had never heard about Paypal, and so he could not accept its digits as money.

Even the digits you see as Available balance on the ATM's along your city streets is only money because the vendors have grown trust in people's hearts that when you withdraw, money will come out.

sorry if I over-emphasized too much on that point. However, I wanted to drive the point that, even a secure digital wallet can be a fully blown Payment gateway.

Examples of Digital wallets that are full blown payment gateways are: Mpesa, Airtel money, Mtn money, Yu cash, etc. They take cash, feed in the database for a certain user, that user sends the digits to another user and that user can withdraw.

And the creativity is unlimited here.

Payment gateway software development


Figure 1: Showing a Payment gateway software developed by our company. It shows a user in Kenya logged in as admin and displaying balances and transactions in local currency. This Payment gateway is a multi-currency online payment gateway serving users across the globe.


 2. A Demi-Payment Gateway: Developing a demi-payment gateway begins at the Digital wallet form and is added more features. The main difference between a Digital wallet software and its development to be a demi - gateway software is the addition of automated and non-automated third-party ways to add funds to the user wallets and withdraw money from these wallets.

Here, think about other existing and well known ways that people use to send and receive money. From banks, to online payment processors like Paypal, stripe,, known mobile payment gateways etc.

When you add these third-part payment gateways, your payment processor graduates to a point where people can add funds remotely at the comfort of their homes and offices to your wallet to send wherever they wish to send.

Payment gateway software development - send money


Figure 2: Showing a user sending money via our developed Payment gateway. It is same gateway as figure 1 above, but now the user logged in is registered in Isle of Man and using his local currency known as IMP.


 3. A full blown Payment gateway: Simply put as: You want to develop a payment solution that competes with Paypal? If yes, then that will be a full blown Payment gateway and it is very easy to start. It is a digital wallet that accepts Credit and debit cards as a method of adding funds and withdrawals are automatically or manually processed to banks.

The major difference between a full blown payment gateway and other forms above is:

a). It can accept adding funds through credit and debit cards either manually or Automatically.

b). Withdrawals can be done to a bank automatically.

c). It is licensed to handle credit and debit card processing. For certification, read on: PCI DSS requirements to run a payment gateway

 Now that you know the three major forms, you need to know that Payment gateway development requires that you give us the specifications on how you want your Payment gateway to work. That way, you will receive a quote of the development.

With our Payment processor software development service, we assure you that we can develop any form of the above software. You just need to hire us.

Check our demos on the payment software we have developed so far and hire us right away. We will give you all the necessary Payment processor development requirements and develop exactly what you need.

Payment software development cost

The cost of developing a Payment software depends on the requirements. Again, the cost will depend on the three major forms of payment gateways and the implementation logic behind it.

You can simply contact us via WhatsApp: +254706745202 and receive the best of best quote on the cost of development your ideal Payment processor that serves your niche.

One thing we can assure you is: Developing a payment processor is possible.