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In our Paypal clone script, we have added the Paypal Gateway to facilitate deposits from the Gateway users account balance.

Customer end Paypal deposit

When users login your Payment Gateway, they will be able to Click the below steps:

Step 1: Click the Deposit option.

Step 2: Select the PayPal method.

Step 3: Enter the amount they would want to deposit.

Step 4. Click the Paypal checkout button to proceed.

Step 5. Login Paypal using their Paypal account details.

Step 6. Complete payment.

Step 6. Can click to Go back to Merchant after payment.

Step 7. Can wait to be redirected to the Payment successful page.

Admin end Paypal Deposit settings.

The admin can login the Gateway using the correct Administrator credentials and follow the steps below to set up this Paypal deposit option.

Step 1: Point the cursor on the Administration 2 tab.

Step 2. Click the Site settings on the drop down menu.

Step 3. Click the "edit settings" button.

Step 4. Enter/Edit your Paypal  Business email and save/Update.

Note: To switch between Live and Sandbox versions, edit the "Paypal gateway Mode" to either live (means it is in production mode) or sandbox (meaning its is on testing environment).

Note: Also be sure to use live emails for live mode and sandbox emails to test on sandbox mode.

Learn how to create a sandbox account on Paypal on:

You can fund these accounts with "test money" to test fully before you move to production or live mode.