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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Brian Mbiki and I created this platform with products to help you:

1. Start a Payment processing gateway.

2. Integrate Mpesa with any website or Mobile App.

3. Add any form of Payment gateway to your website or Mobile App.

I am willing to cut down all my costs now.

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Below are our prices:

1. Mpesa Integration: Ksh. 5,000 to 14,000 per API. This depends on the complexity of your website of API and the solution needed.

Details: We will need to analyze your Mpesa Integration needs, your website code and server to determine the best solution that meets your Mpesa payment needs.

If you need C2B API integration, B2C, B2B and Mpesa Express API integrations, we will charge them separately.

2. Logic Integration: We may ask for additional Ksh. 10,000 in case your needs require more code to be written which is unrelated to the mpesa Integration but without which the Integration will be impossible. This is not always mandatory.

Note: There is no one-stop code that solves all Mpesa Integration needs because different websites and Mobile Apps have different logic. The Mpesa Integration work has to merged with your business code. This is the reason Mpesa API integration is treated as custom or customization work.

3. Ready plugins, modules and Extensions: In case you identify a useful plugin, extension or module on this website, you can pay download it and use it at your own convenience. This attracts low fees until the time you need us to complete your business logic using these Ready plugins, modules and Extensions.

These are best for programming experts who need ready-made solutions.

These Ready plugins, modules and Extensions are made mostly for common CMS and platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Woocommerce, etc.

However, they are not ones-top solutions in most cases because of the need to merge different use-cases in these CMS's and Ecommerce sites.

Use them with caution and after consulting us on your use-case.

4. It is important to note that Mpesa Integration is a process that begins from earlier stages which we do help with and charge a minimal amount if you find them difficult to implement in preparation for our coding part:

a). The free Mpesa Paybill and Till Number application facilitation and faster processing = Ksh. 2,500.

b). The Free Mpesa/Vodafone Digital certificate application and installation = Ksh. 2,500.

c). The free Mpesa admin user application and processing = Ksh. 2,500.

d). The free Mpesa portal access and relevant Mpesa portal users creation = Ksh. 2,500.

e). Going Live on Safaricom Developer Portal = Ksh. 2,500.

Look: These are stuff you can do on your end but some need some level of computer literacy. If you need us to start the Mpesa Integration from those stages, we will charge for each.

If you can do these parts on your end, we will offer the technical API integration parts only.