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Mpesa Online Payment Gateway

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$150.00 each


To download, you simply to ADD TO CART above, proceed to make payment via Mpesa, and access the automatically processed download.

By Coincidence, the Mpesa Checkout we accept during your payment is actually a Lipa na Mpesa online Payment that uses STK push Mpesa Express API which you will get in this download product.

Live demo of a Lipa na Mpesa online payment gateway

This is an Mpesa online Payment gateway which enables you start accepting Payments online using Mpesa. On downloading this Payment gateway, you will get many versions of Lipa na Mpesa online Payment gateway that support the following:

1. PHP Lipa na Mpesa online payment gateway.

2. Hikashop Lipa na Mpesa online Payment gateway.

3. Java Lipa na Mpesa online payment gateway.

4. Wordpress Lipa na Mpesa online payment gateway.

5. Woocommerce Lipa na Mpesa online Payment gateway.

What you need to do to get the Mpesa online payment gateway you need in this package.

  • After downloading, you will get a zipped file with the various packages inside it.
  • Unzip the above downloaded Lipa na Mpesa online payment gateway zipped file.
  • Select your desired Lipa na Mpesa gateway for your platform.
  • Install and set up and you are done.
  • Test your transactions.

What an Mpesa Online Payment Gateway offers you.

It is important to note that Mpesa online payment gateway is what is also known as Mpesa Express checkout.

In this case, your customers will click checkout or payment, choose Lipa na Mpesa gateway, and a popup will be send to their phone ready for payment. See the image below:

 Mpesa online payment gateway

 In the above illustration, the customer just needs to enter a PIN and Clicks OK and the payment is completed, an SMS is received from Mpesa and the transaction is marked as paid and goods or serving being paid for are processed automatically by the system.

 The image below shows are screenshot of the message that is shown on the website or mobile app immediately after a successful Lina na Mpesa payment checkout.

This message simply directs the customer that a popup message has been sent to his or her Mpesa bearing phone to make payment. When payment is done, the transaction will be processed automatically by the system.

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2019-06-23 13:59
It works and is well documented. It is the one Payment option I am using for my ecommerce website.
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2019-07-19 07:13
So far, this is the best Mpesa online Payment gateway with all the commonly needed ecommerce plugins in place. I love it.

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