A Skrill payment processor clone script is a clone software which functions like skrill (the former Moneybookers). It is very important to note that a skrill clone script is not a copy of skrill payment gateway, but a website script that emulates the functionalities of skrill.

Using a skrill clone script.

When you use this skrill clone script, your website members will be able to:

1. Send and receive payments from and to other members.

2. Add their bank accounts.

3. Deposit funds to their accounts.

4. Verify their skrill clone script accounts to increase their sending, receiving and withdrawal limits.

5. Pay for goods and services on supported merchant websites.

6. Withdraw their skrill clone account balances to their accounts.



Requirements to run a skrill clone script.

This skrill clone script is created majorly with PHP and mysql. Therefore, the following requirements are needed:

a). Apache server (most shared hosting accounts support this).

b). PHP version 5.3 and above.

c). Mysql database.

d). Your own domain name registered and active.

e). Pointing your domain name to the hosting server to run this skrill clone script.

If you have some basic html and hosting skills, you can install this clone script on your own. However, we do help with installation at a small fee.