Start and Run a payment processing business or Payment gateway within minutes using "PayMents" Payment processor script. This script allows you to start and run an online payment gateway like Paypal, skrill, Payza, payeer, etc.

Join the world of online payment processing or payment gateways. Benefit by charging payment fees on any transaction done by your users.




"PayMents" is a free payment processing software developed by Sir Brian M. W as a personal initiative to help businesses and individuals accept payments for their goods and services easily from customers across the globe.

Many people use PayMents to:

a). Start online payments gateways to assist people send and receive money.

b). Set up a solution that eases the process of receiving payments for their goods and services.


Quote: We all can put an end to the monopoly on online payments. We all can take charge of how and when clients pay our goods and services.


The source code is open but available to members with active subscription plans.

The primary source code is always updated.

You therefore can download the primary code (if it is your first time to use PayMents) OR the Update code if you are updating existing website.


What you need to run this payment gateway script:

All you need to run this payment processor is:

1. A domain name: Register a domain name with any accredited domain names registrar. It should be around $10.

Note: We do not offer assistance in domain name registration or recommendations.

2. Get a hosting account that runs apache and has PHP and mysql installed. Most shared hosting accounts have these pre-installed.

3. Download our Payment processor script and install it in your server.