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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Brian Mbiki and I created this platform with products to help you:

1. Start a Payment processing gateway.

2. Integrate Mpesa with any website or Mobile App.

3. Add any form of Payment gateway to your website or Mobile App.

I am willing to cut down all my costs now.

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x is an online place where you will get all payment processing problems solved easily at a cost effective manner. We have developed a Payment processor Script known as PayMentsTM to help you get started easily and get exactly what you need. With this Payment gateway which you will set up using our Payment processor script, you can help your customers with a peer-to-peer way of sending digital money, cross-border payments, etc.

Just think a payment platform like PayPal, and we will give you more than that





How much does it cost to start an online payment processor with our software?

There two pricing models which are as follows:


Digital Wallet

  Demi-Payment Gateway         

Full-blown Payment Gateway

Brief description: Helps you start a fully working digital wallet without any automation of deposits or withdrawals.  Start a payment gateway with automated deposits from third-part wallets and non-automated withdrawal requests.  Start a full Payment gateway with no third-parties, automated credit card/debit deposits, Bank deposits and automated withdrawals to Banks.

 - Deposit via Paypal (Automated).

-Deposit via Banks (Offline)

-Deposit via Vouchers (Automated)

-Deposit via Mobile money (Offline)

-Withdrawal via Paypal (non-automated).

- Withdrawal via Bank (Offline)

-Withdrawal via Mobile money (offline)

- Deposit and withdrawal fees set by admin

-Content management system to manage content easily.

- Free installation service

 -Features same as Digital wallet but all deposits and withdrawals are automated.

Note: In this, the cost is an extra $140 for each preferred gateway integration.

Example: If you need Commercial Bank of Africa to be integrated to facilitate automated CBA deposits, you pay $140 extra.


 Features are same as Demi-Payment gateway plus the follows:

1. PCI -DSS analysis done by us.

2. PCI Pin and certification processing facilitated by us.

3. Merchant Bank integration.

4. Credit card automation with preferred card processor and/or Bank






USD. 75





 USD. 75 + $140 Per Gateway Integration



N.B: Custom secure theme is: Usd. 500

 Demi-Gateway cost + usd. 1,000



We offer the following services:

1. A ready-made Payment processor Script built in PHP and Mysql.

 Below are downloads related to our Pyment procesor script.

$75.00 each Payment processor core script Version 1.0.0

2. Payment processing Gateways plugins for major platforms.

 Below are some plugins you can enjoy with your existing websites.

$20.00 each Woocommerce Mpesa C2B Plugin (Wordpress)

3. Payment processor API integrations like Mpesa, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Bank Transfer, Bitcoins and other Cryptos etc.

  Just let us know the Payment method that you need added to your Website or Mobile App and we will Integrate it so it works with your website or App business logic.

4. Custom Payment Processor Development services.

 Let us know your Payment gateway Idea and we will build it for you from scratch.

5. Payment processor consulting and advisory services.

Because of our massive experience in Payment gateways and how Payment processing works, we offer consultancy services for individuals and business looking for ways to add payment gateways to their online business solutions.

Just contact us and we will be right there offering the best advice you can meet on this planet.

Start and Run a payment processing business or Payment gateway within minutes using "PayMents" - a Payment processor script. This script allows you to start and run an online payment gateway like Paypal, skrill, Payza, payeer, etc.

Update: PayMents has added features to help you integrate Paypal, bitcoins, Bank and Mpesa mobile money to your websites and applications. This feature helps businesses and persons accept payments on their existing or new websites and applications by integrating these payment gateways easily. This solution works for even non-programmers through an Easy to use GUI (interface).

Therefore, this Payment processing script or software helps you to:

1. Start accepting Paypal, Bitcoins, Bank and Mpesa on your website or application.

2. Join the world of online payment processing or payment gateways. Benefit by charging payment fees on any transaction done by your users.




What is PayMents

"PayMents" is a payment processing software developed by Sir Brian M. W as a personal initiative to help businesses and individuals accept payments for their goods and services easily from customers across the globe.

Many people use PayMents to:

a). Start online payments gateways to assist people send and receive money.

b). Set up a solution that eases the process of receiving payments for their goods and services.

c). Set up a Money exchange website. For instance, Paypal to Mpesa, Mpesa to Paypal, MTN to Mpesa, MTN to Mpesa, Bank to Paypal, Paypal to Bank, etc (The List is endless- It all depends on your potential clientele needs and your imagination or creativity).


Quote: We all can put an end to the monopoly on online payments. We all can take charge of how and when clients pay our goods and services.


The source code is open. This means that you can easily extend the Gateway in anyway you would like. E.g Adding extra features, changing the look and feel (template/layout/colors etc).

The primary source code is always updated.

You therefore can download the primary code (if it is your first time to use PayMents) OR the Update code if you are updating existing website.


What you need to run this payment gateway script:

All you need to run this payment processor is:

1. A domain name: Register a domain name with any accredited domain names registrar. It should be around $10.

Note: We do not offer assistance in domain name registration or recommendations.

2. Get a hosting account that runs Apache and has PHP and Mysql installed. Most shared hosting accounts have these pre-installed.

3. Download our Payment processor script and install it in your server.